With everyone currently grounded, we thought we’d take you behind the scenes at NCE Soccer.

For the majority of NCE Soccer clients, sessions are limited to just 60 or 90 minutes of action a week.

You arrive for a session, participate – or spectate if you are a parent – and then leave.

But, for our dedicated coaching staff and backroom team, there is an awful lot more that goes into that 90 minutes of action.

Before anyone calls for the violins, don’t worry, we do it because we live and breathe it. We love it.

But we thought it might be interesting to give you a glimpse of a “Day In The Life” of the NCE Soccer coaching team – and give you an insight into what goes on behind the scenes delivering your NCE Soccer world-class soccer coaching program.

NCE Founder John Curtis, said: “Our coaches are first class. They are so focused and dedicated to the task of delivering the best coaching program possible.

“Alan and his team carefully plan out each session, they take absolute pride in ensuring our equipment is first class, and that our sessions stand out from the rest.

“That means long days, a lot of driving, dedication, and focus and I’m very proud to work alongside them.

“This is now a very difficult time for us all, but spare a thought for the coaching staff who are now stuck at home, unable to work.

“I know that they, like me, can not wait until the Spring program starts and we can get back to normal.

“In the meantime, have a look at an average day in the life with this little video we shot leading up to a Winter coaching session.”

Sessions are planned every day, mountains of kit and equipment has to be organized, transferred to venues,  and then carefully laid out ahead of your arrival.

The process is reversed after sessions with equipment carefully collected and packed away, before the long journey home.

* SPRING Program: We will issue an update regarding start dates for our Spring program next week – but will follow Government advice at all times regarding the Coronavirus outbreak.

* For media, interview requests or to discuss marketing opportunities please contact James Fletcher at Onside PR via this link.

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