It’s Presidents Weekend and that means holidays – so we thought competition!

We know some of you will be jetting away with your families this weekend or maybe spending time seeing local sights.

So we thought we’d like to share your experience with a little competition – and see how well NCE Soccer travels.

We’d like to see photos and videos of you in your NCE Soccer kit at famous landmarks.

That might be the Pyramids in Egypt, Buckingham Palace in London, Disneyland, the beaches of Flordia or wherever you spend the holidays.

Whatever, we want to see where NCE Soccer gets to on tour.

The best image or video will win a $200 voucher towards some NCE Soccer merchandise for the best three pictures or videos!

But people be SENSIBLE!

We do not want any NCE Soccer students to break ANY rules, put themselves at risk, or disobey any laws – especially from their parents.

This is mean’t to be fun but your safety, and the safety of those around you is paramount.

So, before you rush off to grab that perfect picture make sure you have permission to take photographs wherever you are.

We’ve (badly) photoshopped some images here to give you an idea but, as you can see, we aren’t very good at it.

That doesn’t mean you can photoshop images! We want the real deal.

So get out there, wear your NCE kit with pride and post your best images to our Facebook or Instagram page using the hashtag #NCESOCCERONTOUR and let’s see what you’ve got!